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Bassin’ Articles Library

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Sneaky with Spinnerbaits               How To Outsmart Big Bass

Side Imaging Explained                     Transitional Bass

Shallow Smallmouth                        Organized Tackle

Carolina Rig                                           Improve Your Flipping Technique

Fishing Crankbaits                              Choosing Which Soft Plastic Rig to Fish

Electronics and Structure            Drop Shot Rig

Go Light with Drop Shot                   Adding Scent

Using Fluorocarbon                          Electronics and Structure

Locating Bass                                         Three Soft Plastic Rigs

Summer Spinnerbaits                          GPS How To

Swimming Toads                                     Choosing Line

Shallow Crankbaits                            Power vs. Finesse

Spinnerbaits in Cover                         Braid or Fluorocarbon Line

Sneaky Pond Tactics                            Haste Makes Waste

Muddy Water Spinnerbaits               Mentally Tough

Reaction Bites                                        Fishing Pressured Lakes

Fishing New Water                               Let the Conditions Lead the Way

Catching a Trophy                                Choosing Line Based on Conditions

Summer Smallmouth                          About Finesse Tactics

Favorite New Baits                              Drop Shot How-To’s

My Favorite Cover                               How to Catch Bass in Cold Water

Big Bass Waters