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C’MERE DEER PRODUCTS – Welcome to HankParker.com



Turbo charge your hunt with C’Mere Deer – The Revolutionary Deer Attractant! Deer hunters everywhere have used C’Mere Deer products and the results speak for themselves. What makes C’Mere Deer products so effective in increasing deer movement and activity is due to the extensive field research conducted before any new C’Mere Deer product is released to deer hunters.

C’Mere Deer was formed from the passion of seasoned outdoorsmen with the drive to create THE product to give every hunter a sporting chance while going after the wariest of deer. Thus C’Mere Deer was created with the goal of developing a premium deer attractant unlike any other on the market. The formulation for this one-of-a-kind attractant was discovered by the C’Mere Deer panel of experts in their on-going quest to find a deer attractant that is NOT estrus based which makes these type of deer attractants effective during limited times of the season.

Check the only deer attractant Hank Parker uses on his hunts at www.cmeredeer.com.