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    Cure International


    The Bible teaches us that it is more blessed to give than to receive. Martha and I have certainly learned this in our own lives. We are blessed to have 11 healthy grandchildren and we are very thankful for that but we can only imagine how it would grieve our hearts if they needed medical attention and couldn’t receive it. CURE International brings hope to children, parents and even grandparents.

    When first introduced to CURE International, I saw first hand how these dedicated people are willing to give. They have traveled to third world countries sharing hope both physically and spiritually. They are in 20 countries providing state of the art facilities, surgeons and staff who give sacrificially of their time and money. The older we grow the more sure we are that things of this world will soon pass away and it’s only those things done for Jesus that will last eternally.

    Hank and Martha Parker and their grandchildren

    Hank and Martha Parker and their grandchildren include: (standing left to right) SaraBeth, Madison, Alex, Anna
    and Boone, (seated left to right) Jake, Ashlyn, Ellie, Cade, Lilly and Alec.

    CURE International is an organization worthy of our support. We encourage you to take a look at CURE International’s website and believe that you will be as moved as we are and will just follow the lead of the Holy Spirit. If you are led to give to CURE International, go to Hank Parker’s community page located on CURE International’s website. This interactive page shows you a variety of information about the children being assisted by us and our fans, as well as showing the impact we’ve made together in the lives of kids through donations, attention, and advocacy of these little ones’ stories.

    We would like to thank CURE International for allowing us and our fans to partner with them, having a little bitty part of helping to change children’s and family’s lives.

    God Bless You,

    Hank and Martha Parker

    Visit Hank’s page.