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SWHACKER PRODUCTS – Welcome to HankParker.com


Swhacker: Opens so fast you can hear the SWHACK! There’s an archery revolution. Compound bows are getting faster and faster but with broadheads, what you cut is what you get. The Swhacker Broadhead is the answer to the faster bows on the market today.

With expandable broadheads what you cut is what you get. Tested and used by outdoorsmen including fishing and hunting celebrities like Hank Parker, Wade Nolan and many more, Swhacker Broadheads were developed and designed by big game hunter and aerospace engineer Rick Forrest.

When you try Swhacker Broadheads, you will see what makes them different from all of the other broadheads. With two separate sets of razor-sharp cutting edges, Swhacker cuts through hide, bones and anything else standing between you and that monster trophy. Visit www.Swhacker.com to check out their latest products.